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Binance Referral ID Code 2022: KST185MA (30% Fee Discount Bonus) + Monthly Binance Referral Kickback

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

New Binance customers can sign up with the code to get the best Binance bonus.

Binance referral id
Binance Referral ID : KST185MA

The Binance Referral Code is: KST185MA . New Binance customers can sign up with the code to get the best Binance bonus.

What Is The Binance Referral ID Code?

The Binance Referral ID is a code you can enter into your Binance account, and it’ll award you discounted trading fees.

Binance Referral Code KST185MA Bonus 30% OFF Fees

Use referral code KST185MA and save 20% on Binance trading fees for life.

You can also save an additional 25% by using BNB to pay for your trading fees. To pay with BNB, you must have BNB and enable “using BNB to pay for fees (25% discount)” in the account tab. That means your fees can go from 0.1% to 0.06% even before Binance’s volume-based discount is applied (see details on the volume-based discount below)!

This offer is only available if you sign up using a referral link that can offer the total 20% trading fee discount like ours (and of course, you have to use BNB to trade to get the full 45% discount).

Binance Referral Kickback

30% is already a huge kickback rate, and the more you trade (the more volume you generate on spot trading or Binance futures), the more money you save.

Throughout the lifetime of your account, the commission kickback rate you get on every trading fee will start adding up to a massive amount of money.

So many users don’t do this when they join, since it’s not’s default setting, and they fail to earn a lot of free coin on the volume they create.

How To Register With The Binance Referral ID Code

These steps walk you through how to use the Binance referral code (ID) including a link to the registration page:

  1. To get started with the Binance referral program, head to

  2. You will be invited to create an account on Binance’s registration page. You will see a box labeled “Referral ID“. Here, paste in the referral ID KST185MA so that your Binance account can be linked to the referral program and your trading fees discount can be enabled.

  3. Enter the rest of your user information during the sign up, like your exchange email, and use a strong password to secure your account.

  4. After you review Binance’s rules, tick the box that says you agree to their Terms of Service.

  5. Finally, after double-checking all of the information and making sure that the code is in the referral ID box, click on the ‘Create Account’ button. Your account is now ready to go!

How Much Discount do I get with a Binance Referral Code?

By using TripleTwos Binance Referral ID KST185MA, you will receive 20% cashback on all trading fees. Plus, if you hold the Binance BNB token you will also receive an extra 25% discount. In total, you could save up to 45% when combining both offers.

Binance Trading Fees

Binance trading fees are pretty reasonable compared to the likes of Coinbase Pro and the Exchange. When trading below 50BTC (over a 30 day period), you will be charged 0.1% as a Maker or Taker fee. When trading above 50BTC these fees will come down further, as per the table below.

Binance BNB Token

BNB is the native token for the Binance Chain, launched through an initial coin offering in 2017. Initially created as an ERC-20 token, based on the Ethereum network, the BNB token later swapped over to their own Binance Chain.

BNB token is versatile and has several use cases;

  • By using the BNB token to trade, you can reduce trading fees by 25%

  • Participate in token sales, hosted on Binance LaunchPad

  • Payment method

  • BNB powers Binance DEX (Binance Decentralised Exchange)

Binance Earn

Binance Earn is a complete suite of products available for Binance users. Essentially, it acts as a crypto savings account for earning passive income with your crypto holdings. There’s a host of savings options available depending on your level of risk, term and returns.

For more information on Binance Earn visit

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