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DueDex Referral Code : "UQBARA" – Up to 70$ Trading Bonus on Registration

1. Click on the registration link

2. Enter your email and desired password.

3. Enter Referral Code UQBARA and Click on signup and complete your registration.

4. Check your inbox for verification code.

5. Enter your verification code in the next step and complete your registration.

Duedex referral code
DueDex Referral Code : UQBARA

DueDex exchange has come with an amazing referral program. In DueDex referral program claim up to 70$ as invitation bonus. You will get Invitation Bonus of 10$ for register on the platform. There is no need to provide any sensitive information to claim invitation bonus. And you can claim First deposit bonus up to 60$ on your first deposit. Anyone can join DueDex exchange using invitation code and grab these free rewards. There is no KYC needed for registration neither to claim bonus on DueDex.

Trading bonus from DueDex can be used to trade on DueDex. You can use these trading bonus to buy, sell or trade on the platform. Remember You cannot withdraw DueDex trading bonus. However you can always withdraw your trading profits. This is a great way to earn money.

Dudedex Exchange

DueDex exchange was founded in the year 2018 and they are located in Belize City. You can check their LinkedIn profile Here. You can only trade Bitcoin on the DueDex platform at the time of writing. DueDex allows crypto derivative trading on their platform, where you can trade Bitcoin up to 100x leverage. They are introducing Risk manager trading, generally Risk managers deal with different types of risks that can affect a business.

DueDex Risk Manager Trading

DueDex risk manage risk an automated tool. Risk Manager tool can help you to make your orders automated you can preset your order’s stop limit and take profit. So, the orders can be make to automated for the stop limits which helps in preventing the liquidation and take profits which can help to close your order. Risk manager Trading is only available for margins up to 25x.

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