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Gamdom Referral Code: "CRCODE" Get $0.50 FREE + Review: Is this a Good Site To Use?

How to Activate and Use the Gamdom Referral Code

Before we get into our review, we wanted to let you know that we have an affiliate code for you that you can use to get free bonus coins to help you get a start on the site.

If you head over to Gamdom you can use our referral code “CRCODE” you’ll receive some free bonus coins.

Gamdom Referral Code
Gamdom Referral Code : CRCODE

Features and Games

Gamdom has five games for people to play. For starters, there’s crash which is a great way to quickly jump into a game, place some bets and easily earn some coins. By placing a bet on a small multiplier you can easily earn a few coins to use on other games. Or you could place a bet on a large multiplier and just try to win big.

Gamdom also has roulette with a nice animation and sounds, which can be turned off if the clicking sound of the wheel gets annoying. There’s a jackpot game too for people who really just want to test their luck and try to win big.

If you’re really hunting for a particular DOTA 2 or CSGO item there’s a tradeup game that you can either use coins to guarantee getting the item you want, or you can use fewer coins and risk losing them to get an item that’s much more valuable than what you put in.

Finally, Gamdom also has a HiLo game for those who prefer cards over a roulette wheel. As for additional features, Gamdom has a chat that is very active and has a nice community. There’s also a multitasker option that lets you play two games at once.

Site History and Trustworthiness

Gamdom has been around for several years now and has developed a large user base. At any given time there are hundreds of people online talking in chat and playing roulette, crash or other games.

Gamdom has gone a long way towards validating that its games are fair and trustworthy. Every game has a small question mark on the top left that shows the hash for each game that is generated before bets are placed to ensure fairness.

Gamdom also shows all of its necessary licenses on its site including its Curacao gambling license.

How to Deposit and Withdraw on Gamdom

Gamdom lets users deposit in a variety of ways. You can use CSGO or VGO skins or DOTA 2 items from your Steam inventory. They also accept bitoin or standard credit and debit cards. While Gamdom doesn’t accept PayPal, it does take about a dozen other forms of payment.

These include UnionPay, Beeline, Qiwi and tons of other we’ve never even heard of. When it comes time to withdraw your money, for now, you can only get skins. For a while Gamdom made it possible to withdraw bitcoin, but this is currently not on the site.

Whether it will come back is unclear. It might be an issue with the site, but it’s probably best to follow them on social media to see if this is going to change.

How Fast are Payouts on Gamdom, Can you Withdraw With the Bonus Code

Gamdom uses a fairly standard P2P trade system for its payouts. This means that items can appear in your Steam inventory quickly. Most of the time items come in within a few minutes, but sometimes it can take a little longer.

Luckily, if something seems to be wrong with your payout Gamdom has an excellent support team that you can contact. Because of the P2P system, very rare items can take a while to become available.

Create your own Affiliate Code

If you want to invite your friends to play with you on Gamdom, you can create an affiliate code. Your friends can use your affiliate code to get some free coins and play on the site. When someone that is using your code makes a bet, you will earn some commission. If you get enough players to use your code, you can make huge amounts of cash with it. However, do not use multiple accounts to refer yourself! This will get you banned in a short time.

Is Gamdom legit?

Yes, Gamdom is legit. The site is provably fair, trusted by over 1 millionen users since 2016. Their support is great, they will help with any issues you might run into when playing on the site. However, we are playing on the site for some years now and never had any problems.

Provably Fair Games

Gamdom has 5 Provably Fair games, which are actually all games they offer. The other games are Slot Games, that use third party software and are just implemented into the site. The 5 provably fair games of Gamdom are Jackpot, Crash, Roulette, TradeUp and HiLo. They have 4 of the games explained in the provably fair tab of the site, for Jackpot they actually use, a well-known site for random number generating.

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